Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hello families, 
What a fun week of science experiments!! We had lots of fun watching states of matter change by adding heat! Thank you all for the class t shirt orders! We will look amazing wearing those together. Next week starts Fall Conferences, thank you for signing up. They will last around 20 minutes and we will discuss your child's strengths and goals. 

Next Week: September 25-29

Writing:  We will continue to prewrite and draft personal narratives with a beginning, middle, and end.   Students will be encouraged to write about something that happened that gave them a strong feeling.

Spelling and Grammar: about, could, many,out, some,that, them, when
This we will learn a few of the rules for changing a noun from the singular form to the plural form.  (y to ies, adding s, when to add es)

Reading: In Reader’s Workshop, we will be looking at strategies that help us to have strong comprehension. Our focal point will be inferring. We are going to be using background knowledge and text clues to make an inference. This will help students better understand what they are reading.

 Math: Students will  learn many addition solving strategies over the next two weeks. From those strategies, students will choose the few that fit them best to complete word problems. Continue practicing math facts at home, they really help during this 2 digit addition unit! 

Science: Students will  demonstrate what can be done to materials to change their physical properties such as cutting, folding and sanding.  We will have a little Origami fun, and even learn a little about the history of Origami. We will also combine materials to make a structure.

Important Dates:
Sept. 22 - K-2nd Morning Assembly
Sept. 22 - Mrs Gaston out of classroom
Sept. 27 - Mrs Gaston our for planning day
Sept. 27 - Round Rock Homecoming Parade! 4:30-6:30 ( All are welcome)
Sept. 29 - Picture Day
Oct. 9 -10 - Student Holiday/ No School
Oct. 22 - K-2nd Morning Assembly

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Club/Enrichment Registration
Wow!  We had a wonderful response for club/enrichment registration, about 650 students!  While we would love to place everyone in a club, we are limited on the amount of available spots.  Additionally, Destination Imagination will have registration next week, and Community Ed is offered at our campus so check the website for their enrollment if you are interested.  We are grateful to our teachers and parents who volunteer their time so these clubs are available to our students.  Club notification for your student will be sent this Friday after school, watch your emails!
Thank you for your support in advance.

Registration for Math Pentathlon club is now open and will close at 9PM Friday Sept 15. Here is the registration link that has all the information:  

Nancy Varljen
Sommer Stallions
10 Years. One Family.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hello families, 
We have had a great 4 weeks of learning and fun activities. I am working on the sign up sheet for Fall Conferences. I will send it out later this weekend. The conferences will last around 20 minutes and we will discuss strengths and goals for your student. I have also sent home a copy of the class t shirt order form. Please send in the form with exact cash if you would like to order one. 
RAZ kids is now online. Your students login codes are in their green folder coming home on Friday. Please continue to read 20 minutes each night. 

Next Week: September 18-22

Writing:  We will continue to prewrite and draft personal narratives with a beginning, middle, and end.  We will complete our district On-Demand Writing Assessment.

Spelling and Grammar: said, these, they, our, very, with, went
We will continue nouns by working with singular and plural forms.

Reading: Students will compare the plots of fiction stories written by the same author.

 Math: Students will practice place value through a variety of problem solving activities. There will be some challenges for kids who are really solid on the concepts and some time for review for kids who still need more practice.

Science: Our focus this week is comparing how heat causes change in different materials.  We will plan and conduct several experiments, and discover some surprising outcomes.