Thursday, May 17, 2018

Hello families,
Next week is student appreciation week. Please take a look at the daily schedule. Thank you for a wonderful school year!!!

Student Appreciation Week

May 14th-18th

Reading: We will be continuing our drama unit. We will be having play practice and making props. We will all be ready for Hollywood by the end of the week.

Writing:  Students will use the RAFTS strategy to complete writing projects that have a specific role, audience, format, topic, and strong verbs..

Spelling and Grammar:
None this week.

Science: This week we will celebrate our favorite things we’ve learned in science through games, websites and reflection. 

Math: Students will have some fun with end of the year math projects! We will complete a glyph that uses several math skills, play place value war, learn sudoku, and complete some logic challenges!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Next week is STAAR testing and our campus will be closed to visitors Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank you

May 14th-18th

Reading: We will be starting our drama unit. This class will do very well! We have some actors and actresses for sure!

Writing:  Students will write imaginative and persuasive drafts from multiple perspectives.

Spelling and Grammar:
Spelling is complete for this year.
In grammar we will spend time in review of units learned.

Science: This week we will studying the life cycles of insects: butterflies, mealworms, mosquitos, and honey bees. Students will be learning about the stages, and how insect behavior and appearance can be different depending on the stage of its life cycle.

Math: Students will become engineers with two fun engineering projects this week.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dear families, 
Thank you so much for all the sweet cards, gifts and notes!!! I have to admit that I have cried several times from the special notes. I am positive that I have the sweetest and caring group of students!!

Next Week: May 7-11th

Reading: We will be researching historical figures and national symbols. We will identify celebrations that represent American beliefs and principles that contribute to our national identity. 

Writing:  Students will write imaginative and persuasive drafts from multiple perspectives.

Spelling and Grammar: 
away, done, funny, last, once, sister, took, under
In grammar we will learn about abbreviations.

Science: This week we are diving into the basic needs of plants.  Our focus will be the function of each plant part and how small plants will grow up to look like their “parent” plant. 

Math: Students will continue to learn about financial literacy.

Important Dates:
May 4 Last week to check out library books
May 9 Field Trip to Georgetown Palace
May 14 All library books due
May 14-16 STAAR Testing
May 23 - 2nd Grade end of year recognition - 8:00am ( more details to come)
May 24 - 2nd Grade end of year party/celebration ( time to be announced)
May 29 Last Day of School